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Items affiliated to " Tunisia"

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Maccagnani, B.; Ferrari, R. and Pozzati, M. (2013) Ecological Infrastructure Management for Enhanced Pollination and Targeted Precision Biocontrol. Poster at: Symposium, Bologna, 29 May-2 June 2013.


Sassi, Khaled (2008) Contribution to the study of adaptation of durum wheat cultivars (Triticum durum Desf.) to organic farming: grain yield,stability and technological and nutritional quality. PhD thesis, National Agronomic Institute of Tunis , Agronomy and Plant Biotechnology. . [Completed]


Toubali, Salma; Tahiri, Abdelilah; Anli, Mohamed; Symanczik, Sarah; Boutasknit, Abderrahim; Ait-El-Mokhtar, Mohamed; Ben-Laouane, Raja; Oufdou, Khalid; Ait-Rahou, Youssef; Ben-Ahmed, Hela; Jemo, Martin; Hafidi, Mohamed and Meddich, Abdelilah (2020) Physiological and Biochemical Behaviors of Date Palm Vitroplants Treated with Microbial Consortia and Compost in Response to Salt Stress. Applied Sciences, 10 (23), p. 8665.

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