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Diversifood (editor): Rey, Frederic and Chable, Véronique (Eds.) (2018) Innovative approaches to embed diversity in food systems: DIVERSFOOD outcomes from field to plate. Diversifood Booklets, no. #6. ITAB.

Chable, Véronique; Goldringer, I.; Howlett, Sally; Barberi, Paolo; Miko, P; Mendes-Moreira, P.M.R.; Rakszegi, M; Østergård, Hanne; Borgen, Anders; Finckh, Maria R.; Pedersen, T and Bocci, Riccardo (Eds.) (2014) Diversity strategies for organic and low input agricultures and their food systems. . Proceedings of Solibam Final Congress, Nantes, 7 - 9 July 2014.

INRA, INRA and ITAB, ITAB (Eds.) (2013) Recueil des résumés des présentations du colloque DinABio2013. [Book of abstracts of DinABio2013 congress.] . Proceedings of DinABio2013, Tours, France, November 13th-14th, 2013.

{Tool} Green manure and cover crops in organic agriculture: general introduction. Issuing Organisation(s): French Research Institute for Organic Farming ITAB. (2012)

{Tool} Green manure and cover crops in organic agriculture: guide to the choice of the species. Issuing Organisation(s): French Research Institute for Organic Farming ITAB. (2012)

{Tool} Mechanical weeding in arable crops. Issuing Organisation(s): French Research Institute for Organic Farming ITAB. (2012)

Goldringer, Isabelle; Dawson, Julie; Rey , Frederic and Vettoretti, Alice (Eds.) (2010) Breeding for resilience: a strategy for organic and low-input farming systems? . Proceedings of EUCARPIA 2nd Conference of the "Organic and Low-Input Agriculture" Section, Paris, France, 1-3 December 2010.

Østergård, H. and Fontaine, L. (Eds.) (2006) Cereal crop diversity: Implications for production and products. ITAB, Paris. Proceedings of COST SUSVAR workshop, La Besse, Paris (FR), 12-15 Jun 2006.

{Project} TRACK: Analyse multidimensionnelle et accompagnement de trajectoires de conversion en agriculture biologique (maraîchage et arboriculture) Titre abrégé: modèles de conversion vers l'AB. [Mulidimensionnal analysis of conversion trajectories to organic farming (horticulture) Short title: conversion models to OF.] Runs 2005 - 2007. Project Leader(s): Bellon, Mr Stéphane and Jonis, Melle Monique, INRA and ITAB .

{Project} COBRA: COBRA: Coordinating Organic Plant Breeding Activities for Diversity. Runs 2013 - 2016. Project Leader(s): Pearce, Dr Bruce, The Organic Research Centre .

{Project} FERTIAGRIBIO: Fertilisation en agriculture biologique. [organic farming fertilization.] Runs 2004 - 2005. Project Leader(s): Nicolardot, Bernard and Leclerc, Blaise, INRA & ACTA .

{Project} Utilisation du cuivre en viticulture, arboriculture et maraîchage biologique : impact sur les sols, et recherches de méthodes de réductions des doses et d’alternatives à son utilisation « Raisonnement de l’usage du cuivre en agriculture biologique ». [How to reduce the uses of cooper : impacts on soils, reductions of doses and alternatives.] Runs 2002 - 2003. Project Leader(s): JONIS, Miss Monique, ITAB (Institut Technique de l'Agriculture Biologique) .

Abecassis, Joël; David, Christophe; Fontaine, Laurence; Taupier-Létage, Bruno and Viaux, P. (2008) A multidisciplinary approach to improve the quality of organic wheat-bread chain. Poster at: Cultivating the Future Based on Science: 2nd Conference of the International Society of Organic Agriculture Research ISOFAR, Modena, Italy, June 18-20, 2008.

Andersen, Regine; Bocci, Riccardo; Howlett, Sally; Pearce, Bruce; Dunsire, Gaina; Rey, Frederic; Nuijten, E.; Andersen, Rikke Thomle; Pedersen, Tove Mariegaard; Miceli, F. and Slabe, Anamarija (editor): Pedersen, Tove Mariegaard and Rey, Frederic (Eds.) (2016) Breeding for diversity – political implications and new pathways for the future. .

BECQUET, Stéphane; LE GUILLOU, G.; CHOVELON, Marc and Et al., . (2015) Dossier - Vinification en AB. [Thematic folder - Winemaking in organic farming.] Alter Agri, 1 September 2015 (133), pp. 5-25.

BELLEIL, Aurélie; COULOMBEL, Aude; MAZOLLIER, Catherine and et al., . (2014) Folder - Biodynamic agriculture. [Dossier - Agriculture biodynamique.] Alter Agri, 1 May 2014 (125), pp. 5-16.

{Tool} Poultry feeding in organic farming. [Alimentation des volailles en Agriculture Biologique.] Creator(s): Bordeaux, Célia and Roinsard, Antoine. Issuing Organisation(s): French Research Institute for Organic Farming ITAB. Technical guide. (2015)

{Tool} Feeding pigs in organic farming. [Alimentation des porcins en agriculture biologique.] Creator(s): Bordes, Anne; Calvar, Cathrine; Maupertius, Florence; Alibert, Laurent; Ferchaud, Stéphane; Uzureau, Anne; Roinsard, Antoine and Carrière, Julie. Issuing Organisation(s): French Research Institute for Organic Farming ITAB, Le réseau de l’initiative Bio en Bretagne IBB, Chambre d’agriculture Pays de la Loire, Institut du porc IFIP. Cahier technique. (2014)

BOUY, Michel; EXPERTON, Catherine and RUAULT, Claire (2015) Des intelligences collectives pour la santé des troupeaux. [Collective intelligences for herd health.] Alter Agri, 1 November 2015 (134), pp. 21-25.

Bressoud, miss Frédérique and Parès, miss Laure (2003) Gestion des apports organiques en systèmes de culture maraîchers sous abri. [Organic Input management for green house farming systems.] Paper at: journées nationales de l'ITAB, Perpignan, novembre 2003. [Unpublished]

CADILLON, Adeline; LAFON, Aubin; BACHEVILLIER, Yves and Et al., . (2015) Dossier - L'agroforesterie en France : panorama. [Thematic folder - Agroforestry in France: panorama.] Alter Agri, 1 July 2015 (131), pp. 5-25.

{Tool} Monitoring and comparing cover crop performances. Creator(s): Casagrande, Marion. Issuing Organisation(s): French Research Institute for Organic Farming ITAB. OK-Net Arable Practice abstract, no. 015. (2018)

{Tool} Choosing cover crops for arable crop rotations. Creator(s): Casagrande, Marion and Fontaine, Laurence. Issuing Organisation(s): French Research Institute for Organic Farming ITAB. OK-Net Arable Practice abstract, no. 034. (2018)

{Tool} Monitoring weed regulation services by carabids. Creator(s): Casagrande, Marion; Fontaine, Laurence and Castel, Laurie. Issuing Organisation(s): French Research Institute for Organic Farming ITAB. OK-Net Arable Practice abstract, no. 033. (2017)

Castel, Laurie; Warlop, Francois; Ronzon, Julien; Poliakoff, Hélène and Fourrié, Laetitia (2015) Vertical project : designing fruit agroforestry systems for a renewed horticulture. Poster at: INNOHORT 2015, Avignon, France, 8-12 June 2015.

CHABLE, Véronique; SERPOLAY-BESSON, Estelle; REY, Frédéric and Et al., . (2015) Dossier – Sélection, diversité et qualité des produits en AB. [Thematic folder - Selection, diversity and quality of products in organic agriculture.] Alter Agri, 1 March 2015 (130), pp. 5-25.

Charles, Raphael; Wendling, Marina; Büchi, Lucie; Casagrande, Marion; Celette, Florian; Fontaine, Laurence and Jouany, Claire (2017) Les CIMS pour améliorer la productivité en Agriculture Biologique dans les systèmes de culture assolés. Innovations Agronomiques, 62, pp. 131-141.

Collective publication, (2017) 9 Schlüsselkonzepte für eine Vielfalt von Lebensmitteln. [9 key-concepts for food diversity.] DIVERSIFOOD project . [Completed]

Costanzo, Ambrogio; Seroplay, Ester and Rey, Frederic (editor): Rey, Frederic (Ed.) (2019) A guide to participatory experiments with underutilised genetic resources. Diversifood Booklet, no. #2. ITAB.

COULOMBEL, Aude; FOURRIÉ, Laetitia and VINDRAS, Camille (2011) Folder: Research-experimentation in organic agriculture. [Dossier : Recherche-expérimentation en AB.] Alter Agri, 1 May 2011 (107), pp. 14-22.

Dockès , Anne-Charlotte; Boisdon, Isabelle; Experton , Catherine and Fourdin, S. (2013) Creation of innovative tools for the development of organic dairy production in mountain areas. [Mise au point de méthodes et outils innovants pour développer l’élevage laitier biologique en zones de piémont et montagne.] Innovations Agronomiques, 32, pp. 243-257.

Döring, Thomas F.; Bocci, Riccardo; Hitchings, Roger; Howlett, S. A.; Lammerts van Bueren, E.T.; Pautasso, Marco; Raaijmakers, M; Rey, F; Stubsgaard, Anke; Weinhappel, M.; Wilbois, Klaus-Peter; Winkler, Louisa and Wolfe, M S (2012) The organic seed regulations framework in Europe – current status and recommendations for future development. Organic Agriculture, xx, xx-xx. [In Press]

EXPERTON, Catherine; DARTOIS, Sylvie; FRAPPAT, Brigitte and Et al., . (2015) Maîtriser la reproduction des petits ruminants. [Controlling the reproduction of small ruminants.] Alter Agri, 1 July 2015 (132), pp. 22-26.

FERCHAUD, Stéphane; CLOPEAU, Armand; BAILLY, Yoann and et al., . (2016) L'huile essentielle de lavande pour induire la puberté chez la cochette ? [Lavender essential oil to induce puberty to the gilt ?] Alter Agri, 1 March 2016 (136), pp. 24-25.

FERCHAUD, Stéphane; MAUPERTUIS, Florence and ROINSARD, Antoine (2014) What are the research needs in organic pig farming? [Quels besoins de recherche en élevage porcin bio ?] Alter Agri, 1 January 2014 (123), pp. 20-22.

FONTAINE, L. ; BERNICOT, M.-H. ; ROLLAND, B. and POIRET, L. (2009) Hardy varieties in competition with weeds for sustainable agriculture and especially organic farming. [Des variétés rustiques concurrentes des adventices pour l’agriculture durable, en particulier l’agriculture biologique.] Carrefours de l'Innovation Agronomique, 4, pp. 116-124.

FONTAINE, L. ; du CHEYRON, P. ; MORAND, P. and SKIKERS, S. (2009) Assessing varietal resistances to control common wheat bunt under organic cereal production and soft wheat, in particular. [Evaluer les résistances variétales pour lutter contre la carie commune en production de céréales biologiques en particulier le blé tendre.] Carrefours de l'Innovation Agronomique, 4, pp. 513-518.

Fontaine, Laurence; Rolland, Bernard and Bernicot, Marie-Hélène (2008) Contribution to organic breeding programmes of wheat variety testing in organic farming in France. Poster at: Cultivating the Future Based on Science: 2nd Conference of the International Society of Organic Agriculture Research ISOFAR, Modena, Italy, June 18-20, 2008.

FONTAINE, L.; BONIN, L.; LIEVEN, J.; GARNIER, J.F.; ZAGANIACS, V.; RODRIGUEZ, A. and LEMARIE, P. (2014) OPTIMIZING AND PROMOTING MECHANICAL WEED CONTROL IN ARABLE CROPS. In: Rahmann, G. and Aksoy, U. (Eds.) Building Organic Bridges, Johann Heinrich von Thünen-Institut, Braunschweig, Germany, 1, Thuenen Report, no. 20, pp. 311-314.

fontaine, L.; fourrié, L.; Garnier, J.F.; Colomb, B.; Carof, M. and Aveline, A. (2014) KNOWING, CHARACTERIZING AND ASSESSING SYSTEMS OF ORGANIC CROP ROTATIONS. In: Rahmann, G. and Aksoy, U. (Eds.) Building Organic Bridges, Johann Heinrich von Thünen-Institut, Braunschweig, Germany, 1, Thuenen Report, no. 20, pp. 315-318.

FONTAINE, Laurence (2007) Carie du blé : agir avant qu'il ne soit trop tard. Cahier Technique, Grandes Cultures, ITAB .

Fontaine, Laurence; Robin, N.; Bruyère, J. and du CHEYRON, P. (2013) Acting against common bunt: exploration of various control methods. [Agir rapidement pour contenir la carie commune : exploration de diverses méthodes de contrôle.] Innovations Agronomiques, 32, pp. 35-46.

Fourrié, Laetitia; Cresson, Céline; Letailleur, F.; Sautereau, Natacha; Willot, M.; Berthier, C. and Vallas, M. (2013) References for organic farming systems: proposal for an innovative analytical frame. [RefAB : Des références pour les systèmes agricoles biologiques : proposition d’un cadre méthodologique innovant.] Innovations Agronomiques, 32, pp. 271-284.

Fuss, Alexandra; Kovács, Tina; Mariegaard Pedersen, Tove; Raaijmakers, Maaike; Schäfer, Freya; Gatzert, Xenia; Brühl, Katharina; Petitti, Matteo and Bocci, Riccardo (editor): Petitti, Matteo; Bocci, Riccardo; Moeskops, Bram; Fuss, Alexandra and Messmer, Monika (Eds.) (2018) How to implement the organic regulation to increase production & use of organic seed. Policy recommendations for national and regional authorities. IFOAM EU, SEGES, ÖMKI, ITAB, FiBL, Rete Semi Rurali, IUNG and AEGILOPS .

Garnier, J.F.; Fontaine, Laurence; Lubac, Stanislas and Bouviala, M. (2013) Design and multicriteria evaluation of regionalized test cases in organic crops without animal production. [Conception et évaluation multicritère de cas-types régionalisés en grandes cultures biologiques sans élevage.] Innovations Agronomiques, 32, pp. 109-121.

GRESSIER, Estelle (2016) De la gestion des semences à l'amélioration agro-écologique du système. [From seed management to agro-ecological improvement of the system.] Alter Agri, 1 March 2016 (136), pp. 21-23.

Jonis, Monique; Monnier, Marie Christine; Micheloni, Cristina; Schmid, Otto and Hoffman, Uwe (2009) Analysis of regulatory framework and standards applied to organic wine-making in Europe. Paper at:

Jonis, Monique; Stolz, Hanna; Schmid, Otto; Hofmann, Uwe and Trioli, Gianni (2008) Analysis of organic wine market needs. Paper at: IFOAM OWC 2008, Modena, Italy, 18-20 June 2008. [Submitted]

Juin, Hervé; Feuillet, Dalila and Roinsard, Antoine (2014) Nutritional value of organic raw material for poultry. In: Rahmann, G. and Aksoy, U. (Eds.) Building Organic Bridges, Johann Heinrich von Thünen-Institut, Braunschweig, Germany, 1, Thuenen Report, no. 20, pp. 291-294.

Kahl, Johannes; Baars, Ton; Bügel, Susanne; Busscher, Nikolaas; Huber, Machteld; Kusche, Daniel; Rembiałkowska, Ewa; Schmid, Otto; Seidel, Kathrin; Taupier-Létage, Bruno; Velimirov, Alberta and Załecka, Aneta (2012) Organic food quality: a framework for concept, definition and evaluation from the European perspective. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, online, - .

Koustis, Kostas; WARLOP, FRANCOIS; Bolinger, Niklaus; Parveaud, Claude-Eric; Steinemann, Beatrice; REY, Frederic; Rodriguez Burruezo, A; Mended Moreira, P and Messmer, Monika (2018) Perspetiva europeia de melhoramento e propagação de macieira em agricultura biológica no âmbito do projeto LIVESEED. [European perspective on the improvement and propagation of apple trees in organic farming under the LIVESEED project.] Poster at: 4o Simpósio Nacional de Fruticultura, Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade do Algarve, 29-30 November 2018.

Koutis, Kostas; Warlop, Francoise; Bolliger, Niklaus; Parveaud, Claude E.; Steinemann, Beatrice; REY, Frederic; Burruezo, Adrian Rodriguez; Moreira, Pedro Mendes and Messmer, Monika (2018) Perspetiva europeia de melhoramento e propagacao de macieira em agricultura biológica no âmbito do projeto LIVESEED. Poster at: 4º Simpósio Nacional de Fruticultura, Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade do Algarve, Faro, 29 e 30 de novembro 2018. [Completed]

LEROYER, Joannie (2008) Conférence ISOFAR à Modène : Aspect sanitaire en élevage de vaches laitières. [ISOFAR Conference in Modena: Health Aspects in Dairy Cattle Farming.] Alter Agri, 1 September 2008 (91), p. 9.

Lubac, Sophie; Roinsard, Antoine; Dartois, Sylvie; Pourteau, Marion; Beral, Camille; Germain, Karine; Bourgade, Emilie and Guillet, Philippe (2014) Aménagements des parcours de poulets Label Rouge et Biologiques. [Free range areas management for organic and "label rouge" broilers.] TeMA, April 2014, 30, pp. 24-31.

MARCHAND, Patrice (2016) L'huile de tournesol, un insecticide naturel ! [Sunflower oil, a natural insecticide!] Alter Agri, 1 March 2016 (136), p. 31.

MARCHAND, Patrice A. (2013) Basic substances: a new opportunity for approval copper at EC phytopharmaceutical regulation 1107/2009. [Grundstoffe: eine neue Chance für die Genehmigung Kupfer bei Pflanzenschutzmitteln EG Verordnung 1107/2009.] Keynote presentation at: Kupfer als Pflanzenschutzmittel, BERLIN, Dec. 5 2013. [In Press]

MARCHAND, Patrice A.; JONIS, Monique; FURET, Arnaud; AVELINE, Nicolas; ISEMBERT, Come; Parveaud, Claude-Eric; Chovelon, Marc; Oste, Sandrine; Gomez, Christelle; Lambion, Jérôme; MOLOT, Bernard; Berthier, C.; Ondet, S.J.; Conseil, Mathieu; Clerc, F; Rey, A.; Navarro, J.F.; Bidault, F.; Maille, E.; Bertrand, C.; Andreu, V.; Treuvey, N.; Pierre, S.P.; Coulon, A.; Chaput, C.; Arufat, A.; Brunet, J.L.; Belzunces, L.; Bonafos, R.; Guillet, B.; Tournant, Ludovic and Larrieu, J.F. (2014) Évaluation des caractéristiques et de l’intérêt agronomique de préparations simples de plantes, pour des productions fruitières, légumières et viticoles économes en intrants. [Evaluation of characteristics and agronomic interest of simple herbal preparations for protection of, fruit, vegetable and grape, production.] Innovations Agronomiques, 34, pp. 83-96.

{Tool} Foraging sows on high-protein grassland. [Pâturage des truies sur parcours à haute valeur protéique.] Creator(s): Maupertius, Florence; Pierre, Patrice and Roinsard, Antoine. Issuing Organisation(s): French Research Institute for Organic Farming ITAB. (2018)

Messmer, Monika; Schäfer, Freya; Raaijmakers, Maaike; Rey, Frédéric; Chable, Véronique; Nuijten, Edwin; Lammerts van Bueren, Edith; Mendes-Moreira, Pedro; Bocci, Riccardo; Drexler, Dora; Padel, Susanne; Zanoli, Raffaele; Fuss, Alexandra and Moeskops, Bram (2018) LIVESEED boosting organic seed and plant breeding across Europe. In: Proceedings of the DIVERSIFOOD Congress 2018, "Cultivating Diversity and Food Quality", 12-12 December 2018, Rennes, France, p. 95.


NAËL, Maëla (2015) Dossier – La recherche en AB en Europe. [Thematic folder - Research in organic agriculture in Europe.] Alter Agri, 1 July 2015 (132), pp. 5-13.

Nelder, Rebecca and Smith, Jo (2012) ICOPP: Improved contribution of local feed to support 100% organic feed supply to pigs and poultry. . [Completed]

Niggli, Urs; Conder, Malgorzarta; Wilbois, Klaus-Peter and et, al. (2016) OK-Net Arable: State of the art research results and best practices – Task 3.1: D 3.1. OK-Net Arable review Meeting, IFOAM EU, Brussels, November 3, 2016. [Completed]

Niggli, Urs; Schmidt, Jennifer; Watson, Christine; Kriipsalu, Mait; Shanskiy, Merrit; Barberi, Paolo; Kowalska, Jolanta; Schmitt, Annegret; Daniel, Claudia; Wenthe, Ulla; Conder, Malgorzarta; Wohlfahrt, Jens; Schild, Marion; Dierauer, Hansueli; Krauss, Maike; Moeskops, Bram; Padel, Susanne; Micheloni, Cristina; Constanzo, Ambrogio; Thonar, Cécile and Wilbois, Klaus-Peter (2016) Organic Knowledge Network Arable - D.3.1 State-of-the-art research results and best practices. Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL , Frick.

Oudet, Noëllie (2009) Fruits and Vegetable environmental impacts - Life Cycle Assessment. Paper at: Journées Techniques Fruits et Légumes Biologiques, Paris, 8 & 9 décembre 2009. [Completed]

Parveaud, Claude-Eric (2016) Quelles alternatives au cuivre ? Bilan du projet européen CO-FREE. [Which alternatives to copper ? Report of CO-FREE european project.] Keynote presentation at: Journées PNPP Substances naturelles en production végétale, Paris, 26-27 Avril 2016.

PARVEAUD, Claude-Eric (2015) Fruits bio: quoi de neuf côté recherche? [Organic fruit: what's new in research?] AlterAgri, 1 September 2015 (133), pp. 26-28.

{Tool} Fiche technique : Hoplocampe du pommier en AB. [Technical factsheet: Apple sawfly in organic apple production.] Creator(s): Parveaud, Claude-Eric; Brenner, Johanna; Stoeffel, Antoine; Corroyer, Natahalie; Tournant, Ludovic and Navarro, Jean-Michel. Issuing Organisation(s): GRAB, ITAB. (2016)

{Tool} Fiche technique : Anthonome du pommier en AB. [Technical factsheet: Apple blossom weevil in organic farming.] Creator(s): Parveaud, Claude-Eric; Brenner, Johanna; Stoeffel, Antoine; Corroyer, Nathalie; Tournant, Ludovic; Navarro, Jean-Michel; Gandubert, Benjamin; Le Maguet, Jean and Albert, Laurence. Issuing Organisation(s): GRAB, ITAB. (2016)

Pavie, Jérome; Chambaut, H.; Madeline, L. and Experton, Catherine (2013) Assessment and comparisons of the environmental, economic and social performances of organic and conventional cattle systems. [Evaluations et comparaisons des performances environnementales, économiques et sociales des systèmes bovins biologiques et conventionnels dans le cadre du projet CedABio.] Innovations Agronomiques, 30, pp. 27-40.

PRIEUR, Loïc (2016) Gestion des adventices : essais de faux-semis. [Weed control : false seed bed trials.] Alter Agri, 1 March 2016 (136), pp. 26-28.

Rey, F; Sinoir, N.; Wohrer, J.; Touret, C. and Mazollier, C. (2013) State of organic seeds in France. [Semences biologiques en France : quelles pratiques, quelles attentes ?] Innovations Agronomiques, 32, pp. 413-425.

Rey, F.; Drexler, D.; Bocci, R.; Oehen, B.; Constanzo, A.; Goldringer, I.; Padel, S. and Chable, V. (2018) Cultivating diversity and food quality. Proceedings of Diversifood EU Forum, Brussels, 11 April 2018. .

Rey, Frederic; Chable, Véronique; Nuijten, Edwin; Rossi, Adanella; Oehen, Bernadette; Padel, Susanne and Andersen, Regine (editor): Rey, Frédéric and Chable, Véronique (Eds.) (2018) Innovative approaches to embed diversity in food systems: DIVERSFOOD outcomes from field to plate. Booklet #6. DIVERSIFOOD Project .

REY, Frederic and HAZARD, Laurent (2014) Community-based management of cultivated biodiversity - A French initiative on forage crops to design agro-ecological systems. [Gérer collectivement la biodiversité cultivée.] Paper at: IFOAM Organic World Congress 2014, Istanbul, Turkey, 13-15 October 2014. [Completed]

{Tool} Rotating pasture for pregnant sows. Creator(s): Roinsard, Antoine. Issuing Organisation(s): Institut de l'agriculture et de l'alimentation biologiques (ITAB). (2019)

Roinsard, Antoine; Bordeaux, Célia; Lubac, Stanislas; Brachet, Mathilde; Germain, Karine and Juin, Hervé (2016) Valorisation de matières premières locales pour l’alimentation des poulets en agriculture biologique. [100 % organic local feed for organic broilers.] TeMA, 40, pp. 23-31.

Rolland, Bernard; Fontaine, Laurence; Maillard, Aurélie and Oury, François-Xavier (2014) From selection to cultivation with the support of all stakeholders: first registration in France of two bread wheat varieties after VCU in organic farming system. In: Rahmann, G. and Aksoy, U. (Eds.) Building Organic Bridges, Johann Heinrich von Thünen-Institut, Braunschweig, Germany, 1, Thuenen Report, no. 20, pp. 303-306.

Sautereau, Natacha; Fourrié, Laetitia; Experton, Catherine; Cresson, Céline; Mundler, P.; Bellon, Stéphane; Le Tailleur, F.; Garnier, J.F.; Dumontier , A. and Willot , M. (2012) Co-Designing an organic framework: the ”REF’AB” Project in France. Paper at: 10th European ISFA Symposium (International Farming System Association), Aarhus, Denmark, 1-4 July 2012.

Schmitt, Annegret; Scherf, Andrea; Mazzotta, S; Kühne, Stefan; Pertot, Ilaria; Köhl, Jürgen; Markellou, Emilia; Andrivon, Didier; Pellé, R; Bousseau, M; Chauvin, J-E; Thiéry, D; Delière, Laurent; Kowalska, Jolanta; Parveaud, Claude-Eric; Petit, Audrey; Giovinazzo, Robert; Brenner, Johanna; Kelderer, Markus; Lammerts van Bueren, E.T.; Bruns, Christian; Finckh, Maria R.; Kleinhenz, Benno; Smith, Jo; Simon-Levert, A; Pujos, P.; Trapman, Marc; Stark, J; van Cutsem, P; Neerakkal, S; Kleeberg, Hubertus; Peters, Arne and Tamm, Lucius (2017) CO-FREE Alternative Test Products for Copper Reduction in Agriculture. In: Deising, HB; Fraaije, B; Mehl, A; Oerke, EC; Sierotzki, H and Stammler, G (Eds.) Modern Fungicides and Antifungal Compounds. Deutsche Phytomedi-zinische Gesellschaft, Braunschweig, pp. 267-272.

VEDIE, H. ; BERRY, D. ; LECLERC, B. ; GREBERT, D. and LHOTE, J-M. (2009) Multi-site study of a new approach to farm work within the framework of organic vegetable production: permanent crop beds. [Etude multi-site d’une nouvelle approche du travail du sol en maraîchage biologique : les planches permanentes.] Carrefours de l'Innovation Agronomique, 4, pp. 33-38.

VIAUX, P. ; TAUPIER-LETAGE, B. and ABECASSIS, J. (2009) Managing the necessary cross-disciplinary approach to organic farming research programmes: example of an organic bread programme. [Comment gérer la nécessaire approche pluridisciplinaire et transversale des programmes de recherche en agriculture biologique ? L’exemple du programme « pain bio ».] Carrefours de l'Innovation Agronomique, 4, pp. 183-196.

Vindras-Fouillet, Camille; Ranke, O.; Anglade, Jean-Pierre; Taupier-Létage, Bruno; Chable, Véronique and Goldringer, I. (2014) Sensory Analyses and Nutritional Qualities of Hand-Made Breads with Organic Grown Wheat Bread Populations. Food and Nutrition Sciences, 5, pp. 1860-1874.

{Tool} Handbook for designing & managing Agroforestry mixing fruits & vegetables. [Concevoir et conduire un verger-maraîcher. Guide pratique à l'usage des porteurs de projet.] Creator(s): WARLOP, FRANCOIS and Fourrié, Laetitia. Issuing Organisation(s): GRAB, ITAB. (2017)

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