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Meredith, Stephen and Willer, Helga (Eds.) (2016) Organic in Europe - Prospects and Developments 2016. IFOAM EU Group, Brussels.

Meredith, Stephen and Willer, Helga (Eds.) (2014) Organic in Europe - Prospects and Developments. IFOAM EU Group, Brussels.

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Kilcher, Lukas; Willer, Helga; Huber, Beate; Frieden, Claudia; Schmutz, Res and Schmid, Otto (2011) The Organic Market in Europe. Overview and Market Access Information for Producers and International Trading Companies. Fourteen Country Examples in the European Free Trade Association and the European Union, with a Special Focus on Switzerland. FiBL and Sippo, Frick and Zürich.

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Niggli, Urs; Willer, Helga and Fried, Padrout (2004) Seminar on Organic Food and Farming research in Europe, Brussels, November 26 2004. National report from: Switzerland. Speech at: Seminar on Organic Food and Farming research in Europe, Brussels, 26 November 2004.


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